Most companies have problems with slow moving stock in their warehouses, and after initially discounting are at a loss as how to proceed. This can become an even greater problem when the time comes to move premises. The value of the stock is often less than the cost of storage plus the cost of moving.

The solution is simple:

Turn your unwanted stock, plant and fittings back into working capital.

How? Easy- Call SRS Auctions today and one of our team of assessors will come out and give you a free no obligation quote on the value of the goods.


SRS Auctions can provide you with a solution for your problem stock.

Cash offers or sale on commission basis.


•The service is free
•Our payment is guaranteed. i.e. no credit
•Takes only a few minutes of your time
•Frees your sales force for greater productivity
•Saves storage and moving costs
•Improves cash flow